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I just finished watching Netflix’s Making A Murderer, all 10 episodes, and wonder what Steven Avery could have done to keep attracting the wrongful convictions. There’s probably few opinions I have which anyone outside of Wisconsin haven’t already brought up or publicly expressed. As I was nearing the conclusion of the documentary, I recalled my recent preoccupation with a particular city I visited a long time ago, how the place evoked intense feelings, and how I came to understand in light of the astrocartography report I ordered years ago that I do not need to take blame for things out of my control.

Surprisingly, the astrocartography report I ordered online a year after my visit to a particular city was so spot on. In another blog and another time I will post details. The gist of writing this is to express that our places of birth and places we visit also carry a different vibration; we are always not the same person in any locality we find ourselves in. I know this to be true in my case. Even my parents who preferred me to find work locally could not escape the unconscious fact that it was more auspicious for me trying out my luck outside of my hometown and more specifically, places, people and jobs having to do with foreign influence. These days when my mother brings up how unlucky I was a number of times applying for jobs right in my place of birth, I no longer empathize with her. It would’ve been much easier to move on if she’d learn to look at the bigger picture.

I had those aforementioned thoughts the further I advanced into the chronological order of the documentary. While my heart bleeds for Steven Avery for the injustice and unfair trial, I also thought it was no accident what he has gone through. As fate would have it -and as paradoxical as it may sound – for all we know he is better off being away from the myopic attitude of his neighbours. As long as he stays in Manitowoc, he would not be able to escape the negativity which the vibration of that place carries in relation to his energy.


Brave Unknown

It doesn’t hurt that part of my freelance work involves Twitter and I’ve gotten hooked reading about current events and posts about politics on the micro-blogger platform since I quit Facebook last year. One day my curiosity brought me to unfamiliar territory and even though part of me felt I wasted so much time that day, I did take away a valuable lesson about cyberbullies.


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What surprised me clicking through various Twitter profiles was how it became clearer that all of the notorious basher accounts do not have display pictures on their profile that’s uniquely theirs, i.e., their own profile picture. I don’t have a problem with critical thinkers hiding behind a different identity but what gives me pause is their intention to malign. Does this kind of anonymity make them feel entitled to lambaste known personalities? It sure does seem that way to me.

My hat goes off to a number of people I follow that are brave enough to critique presidents and other government officials and still show their authentic faces via their display picture. On the other end of the spectrum are faceless users with copied avatars spreading negativity. It’s one thing to criticize, it’s another to malign. Some cyberbullies I encountered that day feel braver with the latter.


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