So even though Mercury Retrograde is over, its effects can still be felt until February 8. It’s channeling the angry side of me inward because that’s just how I’m wired to react.¬†This Mercury Retrograde kicked me in the gut as much as it had delayed plans and de-motivated me to divert my attention to Mercury Retrograde aspects like writing and other communication-related stuff.

Although I was able to take advantage of obtaining helpful information about my Cycles of Saturn report during this Mercury Retrograde, the realisation didn’t overpower me to become positive about goals I had set and written down. The issue about delayed remuneration – 10-month delay (so tell me why you shouldn’t be pissed off, too) – kept hovering over. It’s for a part-time job and even though funds are supposed to be on its way, Mercury Retrograde does a great job at keeping me on the “waiting list” for like forever. It’s exasperating and has raised my frustration to the hilt.

I’ll check in again on February 8 (even as I’m writing this sentence I am so full of disbelief). Meanwhile, let me grab some of those calming crystals.