I have a vacant Tumblr account and I asked myself a while ago just what is the point of Tumblr anyway? A part of me instantly recognizes this to be a syndrome of an individual running around in circles but never traversing to the core or of an individual spreading their energies or projections separately spaced far too wide but never going to the crux of the matter. I think I just aptly describe the escapist part of me.

Since I’ve started the topic of writing, I couldn’t help but relate this bit. I’ve done random tarot readings with the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. the past few weeks and have always drawn the Thoth tarot card. This is the one thing I like about the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards – they’re so direct to the point. Age probably plays a factor in that over time I find it easier to connect with the messages of these cards more than I would with other tarot decks because my intuition has undergone a lot of fine-tuning.

© Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

I did listen and I wrote “channel-messages-from-your-guides-and-angels” kinds of epiphany on my journal. It left me in a confused state and my questions compounded since I started writing.

Maybe because I don’t know how to start, or maybe I’m not confident to be one of their earthly counterparts to tell others about them. Over the years I’ve joked to myself that my angel encounters made me doubt my sanity. Or is it the others that are insane?

So let’s see if I end up using my vacant Tumblr account for that purpose.