The breakthrough I have experienced lately has to do mainly with the word discipline. It’s easy to talk and write about what the affirmation and manifestation of discipline is but the caveat is it’s so hard to put it in practice due to our¬†choices and personal habits.

I’ve realised these past few days that some ventures I go into don’t result in the success I expected mainly because I usually jump into joining an online program without reading ALL of its whats and hows. I’ve also had this insight that I use my other hobbies as an escape to face the dire consequences of the steps I failed to follow when entering an online program. I’m sure I’m not the only one experiencing these attempts at paradigm shifts and grasping at straws when it comes to the dreaded execution phase. Another culprit is this current generation of mental over stimulation and short attention span aggravated by new technology surrounding us. It seems some of the time we forget the gem of a process called “one at a time”.

Now that there’s a conscious breakthrough with this paradigm shift, I should dare myself to make good with the execution phase. Wish me luck.