I recently dreamt of having traveled to Canada for 3 months but had to extend my stay for 3 more days – an impossibility for the meantime. Yesterday I began my goal of closing a few old e-mail accounts that are simply gathering spam day by day and what do you know, I come across this 10-year-old short correspondence with a friend from Alberta.

In the correspondence, I was relating to my friend a dream I had 4 nights past. I traveled to Ontario by myself and caught up with 2 friends. I was still looking for a place to stay when I saw my Alberta friend and was surprised to see him in Ontario.

Can’t believe I dug up a decade old e-mail quite similar to the recent Canada travel dream I just had. A strange thought came to me that maybe I probably may be able to make that trip even though I currently don’t feel like it. But, who knows, maybe it’s only a sign I am getting when someone in my circle or someone I knew before is about to embark on a new journey to the true north.