I’ve stopped doing intraday forex trading since I read the forewarning about the markets not doing well. I’m currently in a number 9 cycle and also having an Aries sun makes it even more a struggle not to lose patience with myself and lash out at something else for my slow progress. Number 9 isn’t really an auspicious time for accumulating anything. With my patience wearing thin for the blockages, I turned to re-organising and doing some housekeeping with my older dormant e-mail accounts. I might have to add more to that list. I certainly feel the Virgo influence right now. Who knows, if I get those dormant accounts out of the way, I won’t have to deal with it by the time it’s ripe to do some serious accumulating financially.

Ever had that kind of turnaround? Because something’s not working out right, you turn to something else that you can actually control.It might take longer for some to realise what’s not working but I think some of us do like to get busy with any Y variable we have power to change the course of. For me, I struggle with patience mostly and I can’t help but think that I might have let a few alpha females I’ve known in the past get to me by convincing myself that my intuition (there’s a time for everything) was wrong and that they were right, i.e., just by having a stronger will and believing in yourself will always get you 100% success rate to strike at opportunities any given moment. Right.

If I let my intuition work for me, I shouldn’t have to work harder – I only have to work smarter. This is exactly why I have issues with authority and superiors and not so surprisingly why I work independent.