It’s a full moon and I’ve been feeling distracted and scatterbrained like hell. Even when I close my eyes to sleep, my mind somehow manages to stay awake for a long while and then I would start to feel that slumber hasn’t been as peaceful as it used to be. The comforting news is I know it’s not my fault, it’s a phase, and transits come and go as in a cycle.

Knowing that it’s not my fault, it’s also essential to internalise that painful phases should not be avoided or escaped from. I should just ride it all out even when the past has come back to bite my ass. It’s liberating to stay put sometimes. More and more layers of insights open up to me when I stop fighting and just let the memory pass. I also come out even more realistic about what I expect of myself.

An even greater result is I become less paranoid because I grow to become more trusting of the process. Long ago I did hear the angels’ counsel about the importance of listening to one’s heart. I guess I only just realised that listening to my heart not only entailed following my intuition but, also, that I develop the emotional intelligence to be sensitive to and be considerate with how the significant other feels.