If it weren’t for her red wine habit she’d have had a mild heart attack already. It’s been a while since the compulsion to stalk the ex struck her and strike her it did today. However, the palpitations aren’t as bad as before. “It’s been a damn long time,” she mused. “I’m the least of his worries should he get so anal about checking each site visitor IP address. 

“He has noticeably aged.” How long has it been? Four years? But that’s not really the point. No one is exempt from aging, of course. So what is it, then? More than anything, the eyes – the windows of the soul – don’t lie. She has read something in those orbs that only her intuition and depth of knowledge with this man can grasp where words can’t. 

“The couple header pic and other couple pics are noticeably gone. Deleted.” She remembered how his profile page looked a few years ago. “He’s probably keeping it private…” It’s stupid to feel a glimmer of hope, so she knows. Beneath the facade she’s positive there exist an account in a few online dating sites somewhere. 

“He’s become more open.” Because I’m less of a threat now than before.