I remember initially working with the clear quartz tumbled stone and not having a really favourable impression with it. Whenever I was near it, I would feel a part of my back ache and then being in a disoriented state. I gave up working with it because maybe I was not yet ready for it.

Indeed, people change. Three days ago, I decided to bring it out of its hiding place and put it under my pillow along with a few crystals I already put there. I don’t know how long it has been but it feels like a year or so since I laid my eyes upon my clear quartz again. This time, though, it didn’t seem to cause any harsh energies on me. I do somehow notice that it seems fond of working with my spinal fluid sans the previous back aches. When the clear quartz is near me, I do feel its energies aren’t as jarring as the last time. Maybe over time I have increased my vibration to be able to accommodate the wisdom the clear quartz promises. I did undergo a jarring dark night of the soul as apparent in my previous posts.

Dream-wise, the predominant theme is how the clear quartz brings to the surface some of what I would normally dismiss in my conscious waking life as the undercurrent of things. As usual it does bring up the issue of how truthful I am with myself. Not surprisingly enough I was consistently honest in the dream as I was in my waking life. The clear quartz appreciates those who strip away the lies in themselves. I was tired of the old structures I keep finding myself in that lower my self-esteem. I constantly push to find a way to better myself yet somehow feel a bit stuck.

I might have to take note that prior to working again with the clear quartz tumbled stone, I did suggest to a friend to try taking up lessons in crystals and tumbled stones and picking whichever one he feels the strongest link with. I didn’t think any of it at the time but the suggestion might have initially worked for me because I found myself working with the said stone again.