Angels/guides sometimes communicate through songs or lyrics. Seven days ago, I rationalized I should not entertain my guides’ song suggestions to protect my proclivity to let songs hijack my emotions. I lasted a day trying so hard; I didn’t even want to cry. The day after found me awake with intense dream loops. Maybe I should’ve listened.

This afternoon found me in the same state sans the resistance. I could feel the veil between real and unseen getting thinner. It must be the magick of the Supermoon.

I heard a musical note and it recalled a Gwen Stefani’s song for which my subconscious prompted the search or “4am”. No results found. Another thorough search corrected me that the song title was 4 In The Morning. I was dumbfounded to have forgotten a song I used to listen a decade ago.

I was pretty sure it was primarily the melody that led me to 4 In The Morning. Until a part of me suddenly questioned, “Why this song, though?” It hit me that I usually wake up at 4am from meaningful dreams. Call it the witching hour. I did wake up at around 4am from last week’s dream loop.

Listening to it repeatedly brought out a few humbling insights.

All this time I had thought I was the only one having these epiphanies. I was wrong. I only realized this year he was the one the prophecy pointed to. Looking back at his dreams about me and our old messages, he already “knew” back then. 

It’s always too late.