A particular detail has been bothering me for a week. Around the time I had that dream again about Elk, I’ve been seeing images of a species of a bird. The image of that yet unnamed bird (because I didn’t know it) kept jumping out at me. One or two instances doesn’t really bother me but more than three screams “urgent” and “listen” all over it. It bothered me even more that I didn’t even know its name.

One day the torture ended (or so I thought) when I mistook that unnamed bird for a swan. My cousin openly expressed my inner doubts by saying the bird I was looking for does not fit a swan. 

So last night I was overcome by my curiousity for a resolution once and for all and, alas, the bird that’s been calling my attention was a stork. I stood corrected. Suddenly my niece’s drawing about a little girl and a flower in the dream makes sense.