Following my preoccupation to examine my dreams more carefully this time, I encountered an old tarot reading I requested in 2014, the gist of which strangely seems more appropriate for what’s been happening in my life from the start of my first cycle (my birth month) this year until the present. The first line of the description of Sacred Earth Mother, one of the cards drawn, summarizes what I’ve been going through lately.




“We travel the endless corridors of our mind until one day we find a pathway that leads us to our heart.”


My heart felt light today. This must be what I am getting from working with mystic merlinite. I don’t understand how it can show me the depressing depths and something magickal at the same time. I don’t need to analyse at this point. Maybe I just felt the wheels are turning.

I entertained the thought that I am afraid I might miss the forest for the trees and that I am continually questioning everything solely because I am being realistic with my expectations. Tracing back my dream journal in 2014 made me realise how important it is to write down essential impressions and insights. There are no coincidences.