I found that whenever I lose my faith, I lose my footing as well. Last week I encountered a quote in a cellphone cover that came into my possession yet I still was not convinced it was a timely sign meant for me.

Like Einstein, I either know things or don’t know things at all; I’m uncomfortable with the word “believe” as there’s knowing from feeling and intuition. I know by intuition when something’s fucked up and not right, so believing in positive thinking is pointless.

Last night I went through my smorgasbord of a GMail inbox (they advertise these apps to make you organised yet I always unconsciously deviate from being organised) and came across  an Angel Message For The Week subscription e-mail from Maria Loren for the week of December 26th – January 1st.

This Week’s Message:

This card is a sign for that blessings are on the way to you and that you are going to have your material needs met to manifest your goals! You may have found recently that a few worries have arisen about material concerns, but Archangel Ariel brings you through a message to have faith in the flow of life.

Very often the angels will communicate to you through your feelings, and this may come as feelings of knowing, thoughts that come into your mind or inspired ideas. As you follow these messages and your intuition, you will find that your material needs will be met along the way, even if you don’t understand how. Allow the ‘how’ to be take care of by the angels and step into a sense of knowing that it will happen for you. Visualise your dreams manifesting and know that you truly can achieve whatever you have your heart set upon! Sometimes it just takes a little faith and trust.

I discovered that I did miss an e-mail requesting an invoice for translation services on the 28th of December. I don’t know how I missed it in my notifications but Mercury Retrograde had its way. I was only able to reply to the e-mail yesterday afternoon with the invoice. I wanted to kick myself for waiting until January 2nd to send it.

That quote did not come to me by accident. I can’t help but think it reached me because I did miss checking my e-mails that day and missed that angel message that week.