So I thought I was relieved how liberating it has felt that not only was I shown the bigger picture but also made to understand it. Then as I scrutinised my oscillating emotional responses to each insight I get, I’ve come to a conclusion that the more I see and understand the bigger picture, the bigger my responsibility has become. This conclusion is one of many, perhaps.

The more aware we become, the more responsibility we take on when we relate to others. It is a point of no return; I cannot go back to being bitter and close-minded. It feels almost akin to sin for me to even entertain thoughts about an unfair world because it is in essence a lie. And as Osho would have it, “the only sin is not being honest with one’s self”. Even my weeping seems to have a progression chart of its own. When I had cried before for feelings of loss or heartbreak and rejection, I now find myself crying because of humility – because, at last, I felt “human” and could admit that I was wrong to assume love was not there in the first place.

As I follow bread crumbs of insights, my heart swells with every undiscovered truth and much more so because the truth was mutually felt. I only have months to wait for the culmination of the angels’/guides’ message. However tempting it is to rest on my laurels, the better part of me resists because I know another set of bigger challenges is coming up.