I’ve been wondering why I have not had any major dreams about ELK this month. I did have a dream this month where he had a minor part in it but when the setting and other details are vague I tend to dismiss the dream as irrelevant. I guess I would only count those dreams I have of him where I can wake up from them feeling desperate wishing for him to be present and cursing the daylight for arriving too soon.

Seeing as I did not even record it in my dream journal the dream in which he had a minor part in, I am glad my memory has not failed me a bit. To provide a context for it, I have worked with my mini moldavite stone during that period. There was a much more grandiose setting and plot in that set of dreams which involved engaging the power of crystals in an ancient tribe war that ELK part appeared to be a mere insert. His presence there seemed more of a voice rather than a physical one – I heard him speak to me and I did miss hearing his voice. He sounded friendly towards me as if he was already comfortable around me; I could feel the smile in his voice. The last thing I could trace in that dream was him asking what I called a million dollar question which started with HOW and ended with GIRL which translated to me as him asking me how does a guy get back the attention of a girl. I didn’t know how I answered him because the dream ended and I was probably speechless anyway.

Because I tend to rationalise things, I did surmise lately that I may have been having less significant dreams about him lately because I have had my dreams of him from two months ago (and even his dreams about me years ago) interpreted by someone who has vast knowledge in dream analysis than I do. It changed my perspective a great deal about my whole journey.

As I am writing this, I am awaiting two more dream interpretations due in 3 days. It was so empowering and liberating to know the layers of perspective that opened up before me all because I gave my chance to question and actively look for answers. The eye-opening theme of the period must be the reason why I have not had any significant dream about ELK. I don’t know if it’s significant to also point out that the last two dreams about him involved hearing his voice a lot.