Throughout the road to 24, the number 2 has always been emphasized. Significant messages are encased in number 2. Number 2 picked up where the Number 1 ended and a new cycle began. November as in 11 is a mystical month but the most dreadful of them all is February as in 2. Even as I write this I cringe as if I am in possession of the vilest thing but, of course, the shadow lies within me and it’s not because of an outside force that I react this way.

I’ve read that people with 7 life paths had abused their chances at love and relationships at some point in their past lives. I honestly did find it an enlightening fact; it’s as if my heart also acknowledged it to be plausible. It conveniently explained away my abomination for February in addition to past experiences in this present lifetime – crushed hopes and unrequited loves all made it too easy to dismiss the month as a curse. Little did I know at the time, however, that apart from being a late bloomer in love I was really destined to have my first boyfriend at 25-26 years old.

As much as I dreaded talking about the inevitable, I must put it in writing that I might learn something new this coming February.  Imagine me rolling my eyes as I am typing this. I remember how my first relationship ended the day after February 14th; he broke up with me, a decision which I understood too late. Seven years later found me in a second serious relationship and it was a February. February 14th didn’t go quite as well as I expected – my mood was ruined by a misunderstanding that got me seething for I don’t know how long while my angels gently whispered to my heart to let the anger go.