I was browsing my old pictures when I recalled that I have been to a few countries where the famous tallest buildings in the world are. Being a petite girl coming from a country where short people live (no, not The Shire), I would feel awe and at the same time a bit intimidated by the so-called world’s tallest structures.

Back in elementary school, short girls had the most disadvantages compared to tall girls. Everyone seems to be competing for the superlatives. Even though I couldn’t help but think of how superficial we can get sometimes to be able to hold world records, these man-made edifices have undeniably captivated me.


The Petronas Twin Towers

I had lived in Malaysia for two years and could get a tiny view of this beauty from my bedroom window. The Petronas Twin Towers is breathtaking to behold during the daytime and much more so during the nighttime when it’s all lit up. It was only in 2010 when I entered the building and took the tour to that middle bridge together with mom and her friends.


Taipei 101

I visited Taiwan with my former colleagues during a company trip. It’s called Taipei 101 because it has 101 floors. In 2003, it surpassed the Petronas Twin Towers for the world’s tallest building record. The last time I went there in 2008, the entrance fee to go up the Taipei 101 Observatory was $400 NT. The Observatory was located at the 89th floor. Because the building is too high, it needs a wind damper.


The Statue of Liberty

At first glance, I was like, “Wow! She’s so BIG!” We weren’t able to go up to the Observatory though as we mainly stayed in the park below. There was a long line to get tickets for the Staten Island ferry ride. Nonetheless seeing the iconic Lady Liberty in person left us breathless and we didn’t want to leave so early.

I sure hope to visit more of the world’s tallest structures next time.