I broke out into laughter yesterday afternoon while my 4-year-old niece was playing with a game on Y8 on a laptop. At first I wasn’t sure what she was doing, if she was watching or playing an online game. I was sitting with my back to her while waiting for my friends’ text message to confirm what time they would arrive because there were forms they wanted me to sign.

It was the monotonous flash player sound of the game that caught my attention. I glanced over my shoulder at what she was doing and saw an animation with a green-haired pretty girl. Next to the green-haired girl were color palettes to choose from. I noticed she was clicking on one palette and then pointing the cursor to the eyebrows of the pretty girl.

She always plays those kinds of games online so there was nothing new about it. But when I caught her scrolling down the page, the green-haired pretty girl turned out to be a mermaid. I found out the title of the game was Dazzling Mermaid. That’s when I broke out into laughter and told my niece that I was so amused at the idea that a mermaid was putting on makeup while she’s underwater.

Kids’ games are funny. There’s no limit to what the imagination can come up.