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Contrary to my mood few days ago when Moon was in Scorpio (which was also my Moon’s position at birth), I was a bit calmer today and kept in mind that there is only here and now and that is where my head should be at. Few things were immediately obvious when I was just being receptive and not reactive. 

I was aware of the signs, again, that the messengers would usually send me in the form of music I would accidentally hear wherever I go. I would seem to instantly feel the song’s message was for me. Again, the more logical part of me would react to that but since I am talking about being receptive instead of being judgmental here, I have to temper my logical side for a bit. Yes, I am aware of these exchanges for duality’s sake. 

Secondly, I was more attuned to serendipity. I decided to go to Healthy Options this afternoon to check out Selenium supplements. There wasn’t a lot of options for me that would not break my budget for this week, though, so I scrapped the idea. I thought of checking out if they maybe had Brazil nuts (great source of Selenium) or almonds. I did find almonds first and I was okay with buying a small pack of it but something in me kept holding back as my hands felt like I had to return it to its rack. I was going back and forth with this for a bit and I decided to  check out the bottom part of the nuts and protein bars section and, voila, to my surprise a pack of Brazil nuts was staring back at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Why? Because I had been looking for a seller of Brazil nuts online and I did get in contact with one local seller few months ago who informed me that they didn’t have it available at the time I inquired. 

I was even happier to see the price was similar to the online seller I first asked about it with and I need not pay for shipping fees. I went in there looking for Selenium but I got an even better deal because it’s the source of Selenium itself. An amazing find indeed! 


Himalayan Pink Salt

20140924_112503000_iOSI have read about the benefits of Himalayan pink salt in the past but did not seek it out in grocery stores. I can’t recall if it was during my stay in Malaysia when I first read about it briefly but then maybe I may have confused it with an article I read before about sea salt. It was only about three weeks ago when, because of serendipity I believe, that I found a small bottle with grinder of Himalayan coarse pink salt in the herbs and spices aisle at a Rustan’s store here. Off to Google search I went to look up its benefits and the next week I came back to buy it.

My main source of information about the benefits and various uses of Himalayan pink salt is from the Empowered Sustenance website. I’ve followed the steps indicated on the page to make the salt sole and I’ve also used the ground pink salt to add flavor to some meals. I can testify to its benefits as I’ve been using sole and the ground pink salt for over a month.

  1. First thing I’ve noticed the day after I tasted a pinch of the ground pink salt has to do with the hormonal balance issue. I had not had my period for a month and a half prior to taking it and was so relieved to see the brown discharge which normally precedes the actual menstruation period. I had to wait some twelve hours after to not get myself disappointed. I don’t usually miss my period and when I do it’s because of my irregular sleeping hours. Ugh.
  2. The muscle cramps mainly on my left shoulder started to ease up a bit on me. I mean it’s not as unbearable as it was before. I could even wear heeled sandals and walk in them for a few hours or so without even feeling the strain on my legs. Usually I would tire walking in any type of elevated footwear within 30 minutes to an hour so I’m quite happy with that because I love to walk long distances.
  3. My spine signals me way earlier than usual to go to sleep.
  4. I often get allergies and most cases where I sneeze and have a runny nose it’s not even the colds kind of thing that an antihistamine cannot fix. I make sure I don’t run out of my cheap and effective antihistamine every week by hoarding 10-20 tablets. Since taking salt sole first thing in the morning, I don’t consume those tablets as often as 7-10 times a week as I now get my antihistamine fix in a liquid form.
  5. Goodbye, foggy brain and less energized body.

I have not tried the Himalayan Salt Lamps and Detox Bath yet but I’m excited to!




It’s been almost 2 weeks that I’ve run out of GenEssentials primarily because the GNC Live Well branch here in my city has run out of stock of this useful digestive enzyme product. I first came across the function of digestive enzymes via e-mail subscriptions from Isabel De Los Rios and BioTrust Nutrition but it wasn’t until a year after I read their specific discussions on the said subject when it suddenly occurred to me to look for local stores that sell any and I did have GNC Live Well first in mind as the first stop.

I’ve only spotted one branch here locally and I browsed through 2 or 3 brands of digestive enzymes products they have on display but Genesis Todays’ GenEssentials was the winner for me because the contents are all plant-based whereas the other brands beside it had soy and wheat in them, something which I’m allergic to.

On the first day I used it right before my first meal, I did notice the lightness I felt that’s associated with no bloating nor constipated feeling which I often experienced in the past post-meal. So naturally when I stopped using this because of non-availability (I’ve noticed I seem to be the only one buying this from the local GNC store and I might have been the only one who bought off the meager stock they have of it!), I felt those uncomfortable symptoms again and this whole situation made me wish I lived in Manila again.

Overweight Ratio


Image source: Toonpool

I was queuing to get inside the movie theatre to watch Oz The Great and Powerful when a big woman blocked my view of the cinema entrance. She couldn’t have been in her twenties, she resembled a high school teenager but she was the big-boned type. What I saw suddenly reminded me of one of the first few observations I had during my time in Oz last year.

The day I arrived in Darwin I couldn’t help but notice while exploring the small city that there were more women who were overweight than men. I observed this marked ratio more during my long walks there.

I still observed the same ratio be it in the bustling Sydney Central Business District or laid-back Perth. It was interesting yet confounding. I guess it made me curious because this kind of overweight ratio between men and women is not something I was used to seeing where I came from.

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Chocolates and pan roasted garlic peanuts or adobong mani in Filipino has been two of my favorite snacks. I remember buying adobong mani from a local street vendor across our house during my elementary school years and it’s no secret every kid loves chocolates. I don’t know what had transpired post-puberty. I began to notice a marked change in my skin a day after I would eat pan roasted garlic peanuts – I was having acne breakouts. Dreadful.

I could randomly attribute it to hormonal change but it could also have been the dietary changes and eating habits that had drastically impaired my hormonal balance. I had avoided eating peanuts and chocolates for some time and I would eat it sparingly. Eventually I realized trying to completely eliminate it from my system was not what aggravated my acne problems as there were still other factors that triggered my acne.


From time to time I would experiment which of the two would easily cause me breakouts. Yes, I do love being my own guinea pig. The end result was consistent for me – deep fried garlic peanuts would cause breakouts more than chocolates do, though I prefer dark chocolates mostly. There’s no noticeable change on my skin when I’m on chocolate binge as opposed to eating just a small amount of peanuts.

It may or may not be the same for others but it is good to take note of these small observations. I still love eating peanuts but I habitually take a week-long or sometimes month-long breaks before I could eat them again. Although I have taken small measures to control my acne breakouts (perhaps one of these days I might write about it), I still believe we are what we eat and it’s taken me a long time to accept that. Nevertheless balance is the key.


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