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It’s been almost 2 weeks that I’ve run out of GenEssentials primarily because the GNC Live Well branch here in my city has run out of stock of this useful digestive enzyme product. I first came across the function of digestive enzymes via e-mail subscriptions from Isabel De Los Rios and BioTrust Nutrition but it wasn’t until a year after I read their specific discussions on the said subject when it suddenly occurred to me to look for local stores that sell any and I did have GNC Live Well first in mind as the first stop.

I’ve only spotted one branch here locally and I browsed through 2 or 3 brands of digestive enzymes products they have on display but Genesis Todays’ GenEssentials was the winner for me because the contents are all plant-based whereas the other brands beside it had soy and wheat in them, something which I’m allergic to.

On the first day I used it right before my first meal, I did notice the lightness I felt that’s associated with no bloating nor constipated feeling which I often experienced in the past post-meal. So naturally when I stopped using this because of non-availability (I’ve noticed I seem to be the only one buying this from the local GNC store and I might have been the only one who bought off the meager stock they have of it!), I felt those uncomfortable symptoms again and this whole situation made me wish I lived in Manila again.


Overweight Ratio


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I was queuing to get inside the movie theatre to watch Oz The Great and Powerful when a big woman blocked my view of the cinema entrance. She couldn’t have been in her twenties, she resembled a high school teenager but she was the big-boned type. What I saw suddenly reminded me of one of the first few observations I had during my time in Oz last year.

The day I arrived in Darwin I couldn’t help but notice while exploring the small city that there were more women who were overweight than men. I observed this marked ratio more during my long walks there.

I still observed the same ratio be it in the bustling Sydney Central Business District or laid-back Perth. It was interesting yet confounding. I guess it made me curious because this kind of overweight ratio between men and women is not something I was used to seeing where I came from.

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Chocolates and pan roasted garlic peanuts or adobong mani in Filipino has been two of my favorite snacks. I remember buying adobong mani from a local street vendor across our house during my elementary school years and it’s no secret every kid loves chocolates. I don’t know what had transpired post-puberty. I began to notice a marked change in my skin a day after I would eat pan roasted garlic peanuts – I was having acne breakouts. Dreadful.

I could randomly attribute it to hormonal change but it could also have been the dietary changes and eating habits that had drastically impaired my hormonal balance. I had avoided eating peanuts and chocolates for some time and I would eat it sparingly. Eventually I realized trying to completely eliminate it from my system was not what aggravated my acne problems as there were still other factors that triggered my acne.


From time to time I would experiment which of the two would easily cause me breakouts. Yes, I do love being my own guinea pig. The end result was consistent for me – deep fried garlic peanuts would cause breakouts more than chocolates do, though I prefer dark chocolates mostly. There’s no noticeable change on my skin when I’m on chocolate binge as opposed to eating just a small amount of peanuts.

It may or may not be the same for others but it is good to take note of these small observations. I still love eating peanuts but I habitually take a week-long or sometimes month-long breaks before I could eat them again. Although I have taken small measures to control my acne breakouts (perhaps one of these days I might write about it), I still believe we are what we eat and it’s taken me a long time to accept that. Nevertheless balance is the key.


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