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I’ve been making up for the times I was too busy to blog or write about stuff and in that regard I feel a wee bit accomplished for the day. However, I have more unfiltered thoughts than I am capable of writing down and as if a sign from the cosmic, a line from Spandau Ballet’s hit, True, creeps into my consciousness:

“Why do I find it hard to write the next line?”

This instantaneously brought out some memories and like a never-ending ripple, I instinctively listened to another song which covers True, Set Adrift On Memory Bliss, and again as if another cosmic signal, it seemed to mesh well with my subterfuge writer’s block dilemma.

“I think it’s just one of those déjà vu things,
Or a dream that’s tryin’ to tell me something”


The Last Kiss


I’m often mindful of a string of coincidences but today one set of consecutive stimuli stood out. I was streaming music some time this afternoon and came across a favorite song by Lana del Rey called Summertime Sadness. The song starts with “Kiss me hard before you go” and I honestly had ignored the word “hard” the first time I heard it that I had innocently been humming to the song without knowing the full lyrics. Don’t all our musical experiences start with humming? I even thought it was “Kiss me once before you go”.

I later found out the word that I (probably may have subconsciously) missed out from a random YouTube comment on the song’s music video. I did not reflect on it after that.

There are days when some stimuli just pass by our consciousness but on some days it seems to bring a unique or special message that’s not entirely foreign to us despite the strange convergence of coincidences. I felt like having that kind of experience today when I was once again brought to focus on the first line of the song but it felt strange that it was beckoning to something else. It struck me how my last 2 relationships both ended with one last kiss. A few seconds I then stumble upon a Kylie Minogue song called “Kiss Me Once” and it reinforced the memory of the endings of both relationships even more.

My lips curved into a smile in amusement.

With one last kiss I never saw them again.

A few days ago my mother asked me the title to an upbeat song that’s been playing intermittently on her favorite noontime show. I answered her, “It’s Treasure by Bruno Mars.” I commented she probably likes the song because it reminds her of the Jackson Five. I bought the track on iTunes back in December 2012 and only heard it being played on local television shows 3 or 4 months after.


Today amidst a potentially busy day I found the time to watch a few videos on YouTube. I looked up Bruno Mars’ Treasure, from his album Unorthodox Jukebox, and excitedly clicked on the video link. Not many tracks of an album make it to the final list of singles to be promoted and business executives do not underestimate track promotion via music videos posted on YouTube.

I was even more entertained after seeing the whole music video. It definitely was a throwback or salute to the Jackson Five era. I feel some Earth, Wind and Fire camaraderie there, too. It’s one of those music videos with a concept very much suited to the song, that is if Treasure had been penned first before the music video was conceptualized, which I presume is the usual chronology of album promotion. Anyone who listened to the song first and seen the video second could consistently feel the Jackson Five tribute. The video is what you would normally come to expect from the song and it isn’t difficult to see that the two, the single and its accompanying video, complement each other. Bruno Mars gives us 70s nostalgia of two Jackson​s​ videos, Rock With You and Blame It On The Boogie​, with the afro hairstyle and the disco hustle. ​

Towards 1:40 of the Treasure music video, Bruno Mars’ and his band mates showcase their moves on a pentacle dance floor. Couldn’t help but notice it. I don’t know if the producers are subconsciously following a trend in infusing so-called Illuminati symbols in music videos. I could list only few for now (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry etc) but check out Ke$ha’s Die Young here to know what I’m talking about.

I’ve had Treasure as one of my pop iTunes treasure for eight months and it still sounds as good as when I first heard it. Check out the entire album, Unorthodox Jukebox, also on iTunes if you wish to preview it. Disclaimer: Album lyrics contain explicit content.


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