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I took this image of a ceiling earlier at a local department store, Ororama. It sparked a few free associations from the past.

I once guessed someone’s e-mail account password from their favourite colour, which was of course orange. It was a spot on guess and although the person figured their account was compromised and changed their account password, I could still log in to another chat account that used the same password. I’m not a professional hacker, it only took little guesswork.

Orange had figured a lot in my pre-planned Australian trip in 2012. Someone from there referred to me as pumpkin a few times. Plus a lot of my documents for the trip predominantly were in orange, a few of which I remember are my Australian tourist visa sticker and my JetStar plane tickets.




I had experimented with several photo transfer apps from the App Store. Gadgets such as the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad do not enable transferring photos between those devices using the Bluetooth feature alone.




Last year I discovered PhotoBeamer to be the most convenient I’ve used when forwarding a photo from my Camera Roll to my friend’s iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad device. It’s free to download from the App Store. Sometimes when you don’t want to sync or e-mail or share a Photo Stream for just one single photo, all you need to do is make sure your friend also has PhotoBeamer downloaded.




Now that the device you wish to quickly transfer your photos to already has PhotoBeamer installed, you both need to tap “Connect” within the app and make sure Bluetooth is activated so the connection between wireless Apple devices can be enabled. You’ll be asked to select a photo from Camera Roll and just tap “Beam” to beam a photo to another device.

It’s ideal to use for single photo beaming only.

My indefatigable curiosity can sometimes be as ruthless as I will my mouse clicks, or in my case, touch clicks, to be. I was browsing the News Feed on Facebook and first stumbled upon My Modern Met’s update on a beautiful public display of symmetrical plastic roses in Zweibrücken, Germany (


Because it reminded me of how the Rosicrucian Order was founded by a German who came to be known under a symbolic name, Christian Rosenkreutz (Christ + Rose Cross – go figure), I had tagged a few friends of mine and eventually came to a Google search result on a book by Rudolf Steiner titled, The Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz.


Image credit: The Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz

I have one of Steiner’s books literally gathering dust on top of a closet. I could not find the motivation to finish browsing Esoteric Christianity, much less start a decent reading from the first few pages. Since it was from a series of public lectures by Steiner, I guess it’s that format that puts me off. Either that or treatises on theosophy may be too coarse for my brain to digest. There’s a difference between being able to intuitively understand abstract concepts first as a Gestalt whole and being able to understand the words and texts so that our own intuitive understanding of the subject may be illuminated.

I downloaded the PDF copy online for The Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz. It’s more or less 70 pages. Wish me luck!

For two consecutive days I’ve noticed two disconcerting notifications on my RedGage and Bubblews accounts.

The first one involves a prompt on my RedGage Dashboard to confirm my e-mail address, something which I already did the day I signed up a month ago. Clicking on the “Click here to activate” takes me to a box asking for the Activation Code which was sent to my e-mail.

photo 1 (1)

24 hours after there isn’t any RedGage Activation Code e-mail. I could still upload photos and links but due to that ghost activation code I could not approve 4 new friend requests. The next day that notification was gone and I was able to add new friends. That disconcerting notification comes and goes.

As for the Bubblews Like notification, what I observed is that when I click on each notification and open many tabs of those, two things can happen: I either get the “You successfully liked this news” prompt in the correct window or it shows up in another open tab (usually the adjacent tab, usually but not exclusively) which I didn’t actually click Like on.

I noticed this happens a lot when the adjacent tab’s page hasn’t completely loaded. Now it’s possible that I may like two Bubblews posts after reading them and that’s why both “You successfully liked this news” and “You already liked this news” overlaps in one window – the system mistakes it as double Likes especially when the page the post you just hit Like on hasn’t finished loading.

photo 2 (1)

No, I didn’t accidentally click Like on the same Bubblews news. I was observing this closely and noticed the pattern which I explained above occurs when opening many tabs at once for viewing each of my Connections’ new Bubblews post right from the Notifications page.

Between the two disconcerting notifications, Bubblews’ was an understandable issue and RedGage’s was one I’m sure the RedGage Support Team can maybe clarify and fix.


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