By: Catherine de Voughn

Thought I knew how fast time flew
Thought I’d die while no one knew
Thought I’d love the person for me
Thought I’d say “Just let it be.”

Thinking will make your head spin
Success takes a lot of effort to win
Waiting for that someone needs a sign
Thinking, success, waiting consume a lot of time

Something tells me to love that somebody
Something tells me I should when I’m ready
Something tells me to wait for the day
But time travels and says, “Come what may.”

There were a few pen names I would use for poetry writing but I used Catherine de Voughn the most which I later changed to Catherine DeVouhn.

Back in high school my friends and I would write each other copies of song lyrics and poems on scented stationeries. I wrote poems a lot but growing up my standards for writing had been raised a bit and I had to admit eighteen years after I was a bit ashamed of my old poetry.

On the other hand, I realized that despite the changes I’ve gone through this poem wasn’t so bad after all.