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How dandy it is for people who can say they have quickly forgiven even when they don’t have all the facts. I couldn’t help but surmise the reason why I had been having those dreams about him for 3 months on every 24th of the month was because we probably still carry different versions of the truth/story and some of the pieces we had were not right.

I couldn’t help but wonder that I might have proven him wrong and at some point my insecurities clouded me from seeing the truth he possessed. I don’t know how it is easy for some people, but the truest part of me cannot forgive unless I have had a bird’s eye view on all things. I can only truly forgive if I have been shown all the facts and ultimately feel it in my soul that what I was shown was the ultimate truth. That is what it means to live a 7 life path like I do.







Throughout the road to 24, the number 2 has always been emphasized. Significant messages are encased in number 2. Number 2 picked up where the Number 1 ended and a new cycle began. November as in 11 is a mystical month but the most dreadful of them all is February as in 2. Even as I write this I cringe as if I am in possession of the vilest thing but, of course, the shadow lies within me and it’s not because of an outside force that I react this way.

I’ve read that people with 7 life paths had abused their chances at love and relationships at some point in their past lives. I honestly did find it an enlightening fact; it’s as if my heart also acknowledged it to be plausible. It conveniently explained away my abomination for February in addition to past experiences in this present lifetime – crushed hopes and unrequited loves all made it too easy to dismiss the month as a curse. Little did I know at the time, however, that apart from being a late bloomer in love I was really destined to have my first boyfriend at 25-26 years old.

As much as I dreaded talking about the inevitable, I must put it in writing that I might learn something new this coming February.  Imagine me rolling my eyes as I am typing this. I remember how my first relationship ended the day after February 14th; he broke up with me, a decision which I understood too late. Seven years later found me in a second serious relationship and it was a February. February 14th didn’t go quite as well as I expected – my mood was ruined by a misunderstanding that got me seething for I don’t know how long while my angels gently whispered to my heart to let the anger go.



I did have a memorable and significant dream about ELK last night after wondering whether this month would end without him gracing my nocturnal world. I wrote about it a few hours after I woke up; it was an easy dream to trace and it was short but sweet. I could care less what it meant; my wish was fulfilled. After writing down the dream in my journal, it occurred to me there was a pattern in the dates across the significant dreams he was in. I had a dream about ELK on the days(because I get dreams during daytime nap, too)/nights of November 24th, December 24th and January 24th. I know I was told the 24th year from my 15th year would be the culmination of the “prophecy”. In the December 24th dream, the number 24 was apparent in the form of dozen eggs he purchased which miraculously doubled.

Towards dusk my insecurities surfaced and it made me reflect with a heavy heart on how the last hurdle can be even more painful it makes you want to give up. You feel like no light can shine through the difficulties you’re experiencing, including those even you created in your mind. But a courageous part of you remains strong because somehow it knows things will turn out right, you just don’t know how it will.

Case in point – I was heading to a coffee shop for coffee  while in this gloomy reverie and the line of a song I heard when I pushed the door open was, “I wanna see you be brave” from Sarah Bareilles’s song, Brave.

Never give up, thrice they told me. 



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