I’m amazed how timing works in our lives sometimes. Some days I do things which I didn’t know until later that it had some significance in the past and it comes off as some kind of a ritual done unconsciously.

On October 31st, I prayed and meditated for some of the negativity in the past to go away and at the same time to help me let go of the old perceptions I had had about a few people.

I also came across an old passport and when I randomly opened it, I was taken to page 23 where my Australian tourist visa was stamped. That stamp arrived on October 31st as well. I remember very well that I had a dream the night before about Halloween, ghouls and the sight of the cemetery blended with a visage of KS. The whole dream alluded to scary stuff and some I secretly feared but I did not feel scared at all. At the time I took it to mean that the dream was telling me that I need not be afraid because my fear was solely based on the wrong set of perceptions. I thought these two October 31st coincidences, albeit three years apart, were unexpectedly sublime.

I lit a black and white candle, black to let go and white to welcome positivity of course. The night before, a Thursday, I didn’t even know if I could ever find a black candle or even get out to buy one. I was busy as heck and up to my neck with a deadline to chase. I took a chance to ask my cousin if he could buy one for me but didn’t pressure him. I thought if he could find one and bring home one, then I was meant to do so on a Samhain; if not, it was cool. There’s the next Friday and the next one after that and so on. I’m glad my cousin did even though either way would have been fine.