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Birds Of The Same Feather

I’ve dreamt of KS a lot this year and mostly it was about her initiating the conversation with me that I couldn’t help but think if she had contemplated about actually being friends with me. I know when my dreams are of a recurring person with a recurring theme that the person in question is trying to reach out. The why or the intention, however, is something I don’t understand.

The last time I had a confrontational type of dream with KS, another visage of a girl had cropped up in my head but all I could remember was the first name, E. It was a factor I dismissed and didn’t write down in the dream journal because I could not see the connection between KS and E. I guess I should have included that clue because a few weeks after that dream a full answer dropped on my lap. Out of the blue I had a recollection of E’s complete name and who she was. When I followed the clues, it led me to the discovery that KS and E had become friends since last year. So it wasn’t a coincidence that E’s first name cropped up in the first place.

For a while I felt so insecure about these two women. It took me some weeks after to get out of that mire of self-pity and to realize those two actually had something in common to talk and share about. They were both immature and I couldn’t relate.



Just had to put it out there…



I was doing my usual routine at work around 11am when I noticed a familiar Twitter handle. The retweet was specifically about Australian labor deaths at a workforce and its statistics. I then recalled I had in fact passed by the original tweet way earlier in the morning but couldn’t focus because I was monitoring other topics.

I had to laugh at the coincidence. The original poster of the tweet was none other than the guy who rented a room in Elk’s family’s house. I was introduced to him 2 years ago and in a short while things had soured – he blocked me on Twitter and I eventually had to block him, too. Tit for tat. He thought I was mean, but I figured from his last vitriolic e-mail that he sided with an even greater evil. Showed how brainwashed this guy was, accusing me of something with lesser facts to back him up other than the testimony of the greater evil. How scientific and logical of the oaf to shut out the other side of the story.

And then guess who I unexpectedly ran into at around 3pm this afternoon but none other than an acquiantance with Elk’s namesake. Hahahaha!

The Cosmic never ceases to amuse me.


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