One time this afternoon my reverie suddenly took me back to one particular incident in February 2012. I was homestaying in Revesby under an Egyptian architect. I did have a place to stay during the first few weeks I arrived in Sydney but circumstances I wished I could have prevented earlier would come to pass anyway, prompting my transfer to a homestay setup in another area of NSW. It was bittersweet; so was the weather about a week into my stay in Revesby. Going into March the rain frequented the area and as if to add insult to injury, the cold was unforgiving as well. 
Even though I had been reminded of the tarot card The Hanged Man to stay put so painful events can unfold on their own without my intervention, I was unrelenting in my deep-seated anger. It was the perfect time to burn bridges and unsolicited advice from a super nice friend would fuel my desperation. 

The rainy weather seemed to last for years. It struck me today that I would often see a rose by my window. The Egyptian homeowner has a small garden outside extending to his backyard. Even though I always pull the curtains together, I would still get a glimpse of the rose between the gap of the curtains. I never thought much about how this rose could be offering me hope back then until today. After my two-week homestay there, I noticed few rose stems have grown taller and joined the one rose that kept me company. 

There’s a reason why I was reminded of that memory from 3 years ago. The rose by my window was a subtle reminder to find consolation and hope but I could not appreciate it at the time.