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Contrary to my mood few days ago when Moon was in Scorpio (which was also my Moon’s position at birth), I was a bit calmer today and kept in mind that there is only here and now and that is where my head should be at. Few things were immediately obvious when I was just being receptive and not reactive. 

I was aware of the signs, again, that the messengers would usually send me in the form of music I would accidentally hear wherever I go. I would seem to instantly feel the song’s message was for me. Again, the more logical part of me would react to that but since I am talking about being receptive instead of being judgmental here, I have to temper my logical side for a bit. Yes, I am aware of these exchanges for duality’s sake. 

Secondly, I was more attuned to serendipity. I decided to go to Healthy Options this afternoon to check out Selenium supplements. There wasn’t a lot of options for me that would not break my budget for this week, though, so I scrapped the idea. I thought of checking out if they maybe had Brazil nuts (great source of Selenium) or almonds. I did find almonds first and I was okay with buying a small pack of it but something in me kept holding back as my hands felt like I had to return it to its rack. I was going back and forth with this for a bit and I decided to  check out the bottom part of the nuts and protein bars section and, voila, to my surprise a pack of Brazil nuts was staring back at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Why? Because I had been looking for a seller of Brazil nuts online and I did get in contact with one local seller few months ago who informed me that they didn’t have it available at the time I inquired. 

I was even happier to see the price was similar to the online seller I first asked about it with and I need not pay for shipping fees. I went in there looking for Selenium but I got an even better deal because it’s the source of Selenium itself. An amazing find indeed! 


When The Impossible Happens

There are times I get into a zone where insights come freely. Then there are thoughts that keep nagging at the back of my mind and I just have to write about it so I can have a restful sleep. I sometimes catch myself wondering about the when-the-impossible-happens kind of dream with Elk. My preoccupation with prophetic dreams go back to past experiences with my dreams and Elk’s proving to be prescient. 

I initially interpreted the recent dream about him as a chance for us to be friends again (inspite of myself). Having encountered the Three of Cups as one of the cards in a specific “yes or no” reading a week before I had the dream, I had to be cautious about my head being in the clouds. I honestly do not think it’s possible for us to be friends again because of our tainted history. 

After a week it struck me that another layer of the dream could mean that an unexpected event could suddenly erase or wipe away all the anger I felt about the past situation or reboot my system to forgive and forget. But what doesn’t make sense is how easy it all seemed to happen. It’s so impossible for it to be that easy so I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that it could simply be wishful thinking. 

If I look into dreams as being heavy on feelings, I guess the impossible can happen. I cannot shake off the feeling or the “knowing” that some sort of breakthrough is happening but I just can’t wrap my head around it. To guard against self-imposed projections, I do constantly try to be still and quiet within and avoid sensory overload. 

I feel differently about this turning point of a dream. It behooves me to be careful about how I might treat the situation lest my demons threaten to wreak havoc again when the impossible happens. 

I’ve stopped doing intraday forex trading since I read the forewarning about the markets not doing well. I’m currently in a number 9 cycle and also having an Aries sun makes it even more a struggle not to lose patience with myself and lash out at something else for my slow progress. Number 9 isn’t really an auspicious time for accumulating anything. With my patience wearing thin for the blockages, I turned to re-organising and doing some housekeeping with my older dormant e-mail accounts. I might have to add more to that list. I certainly feel the Virgo influence right now. Who knows, if I get those dormant accounts out of the way, I won’t have to deal with it by the time it’s ripe to do some serious accumulating financially.

Ever had that kind of turnaround? Because something’s not working out right, you turn to something else that you can actually control.It might take longer for some to realise what’s not working but I think some of us do like to get busy with any Y variable we have power to change the course of. For me, I struggle with patience mostly and I can’t help but think that I might have let a few alpha females I’ve known in the past get to me by convincing myself that my intuition (there’s a time for everything) was wrong and that they were right, i.e., just by having a stronger will and believing in yourself will always get you 100% success rate to strike at opportunities any given moment. Right.

If I let my intuition work for me, I shouldn’t have to work harder – I only have to work smarter. This is exactly why I have issues with authority and superiors and not so surprisingly why I work independent.



Thoth To Write

I have a vacant Tumblr account and I asked myself a while ago just what is the point of Tumblr anyway? A part of me instantly recognizes this to be a syndrome of an individual running around in circles but never traversing to the core or of an individual spreading their energies or projections separately spaced far too wide but never going to the crux of the matter. I think I just aptly describe the escapist part of me.

Since I’ve started the topic of writing, I couldn’t help but relate this bit. I’ve done random tarot readings with the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. the past few weeks and have always drawn the Thoth tarot card. This is the one thing I like about the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards – they’re so direct to the point. Age probably plays a factor in that over time I find it easier to connect with the messages of these cards more than I would with other tarot decks because my intuition has undergone a lot of fine-tuning.

© Ascended Masters Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

I did listen and I wrote “channel-messages-from-your-guides-and-angels” kinds of epiphany on my journal. It left me in a confused state and my questions compounded since I started writing.

Maybe because I don’t know how to start, or maybe I’m not confident to be one of their earthly counterparts to tell others about them. Over the years I’ve joked to myself that my angel encounters made me doubt my sanity. Or is it the others that are insane?

So let’s see if I end up using my vacant Tumblr account for that purpose.



Just had to put it out there…


Recently I’ve been relishing moments of discovery the clues of which sprung from intuition and coincidences. I would not be the first one to say that we still may be psychically sensitive to those whom we were close at some point in our lives. I know we get a thousand impressions or vibrations in a day from other people but constantly observing my intuition and other coincidences that come up has gradually pruned me to be sharp and keen. I don’t mean that in a perfect sharp kind of way, my point of comparison is always my past self and I could say over time I have learned to doubt my intuition less.

My ex-boyfriend from 8 years ago and I chat sporadically and the last time we chatted about each other’s love lives was back in June and then September 2012. He had asked me back in June if I had felt any vibe from him. I told him yes, but it was back in May. I was walking with friends when I felt that something not so good was up with him although I had no idea what it was. My initial thought was to check his Facebook profile to see what was up. We’re not friends on Facebook but I could view some of his updates on there. I found out that his Engaged relationship status was reduced to Single and his girlfriend at the time commented to a friend that they broke up. The chat in June confirmed my hunch in the first place – it was his commitment issues that got in the way. He confessed that there were other factors that precipitated breaking off the engagement with her and it involved him developing feelings for his girlfriend’s friend whom he found more attractive. Ouch.

Having known what he is like personality-wise, I was surprised to get a vibe from him two days ago. Basically what I felt was some girl with a letter C in her name somehow is connected to him. I kept feeling the same letter that day along with his energy. His vibe also felt to me like he wanted to update me with something. Last night before I went to bed, I got this sudden impulse to check Facebook on my phone because it occurred to me that he just might have found a new girl and may be moving on from the painful breakup last year.

And so it was that my hunch was right. Sure enough his recent update of March 6th said “went from being Single to In A Relationship”. I was smiling and then laughed at my partially correct guess. Well I still haven’t confirmed the name of the girl.

I wondered why he was giving off that vibe like he wanted to speak to me about it. My guess is that even though he is currently happy for having found someone, he still may feel a bit guilty for breaking off the engagement with the ex-girlfriend.

Relationships are so complicated. Oh well. I’m sure he will want to talk when it’s time.

Veil of Secrecy


Image source: PsychicWilliamConstantine

How do you write about something abstract? How do you express in writing the intangible realities? For 19 years I’ve been struggling to describe how intuition, faith and coincidences have all played out in my life. This month is no different as I’ve realized once again the profound reality of how the head can distort the heart’s singular voice in so many ways.

I was mostly a doubter than a believer. I enjoyed using my left brain too much as I devoured information from books and any reading interesting reading material I could get my hands on. But the universe follows a yin-yang principle and I am no exception in this learning of striking a balance between the heart and the head. Spending more time with my books made me more cerebral than convivial.

Still I was adamant to seeing a proof first before believing. Coincidences have led me to circumstances whereby my perseverance had been rigidly tested by whether or not I followed my intuition. I’ve come to realize that even though I’ve been shown brief glimpses of what’s to come, the veil of secrecy is soon lifted as quickly as it had been lowered. I guess this  is the rule of set and forget – by intuition we glimpse, we know and then we forget for some time so we can focus back on the present.


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