I am not fond of movie reviews so I’ll just write about my personal impressions about movies that have come out here in my city for the past two weeks.

Mad Max: Fury Road

I vaguely remember the Mad Max movies in the 1980s as being starred by Mel Gibson and I have heard it was a cult classic. I’ve seen the trailer a few times for Mad Max: Fury Road and doubted myself to be able to appreciate a post-apocalyptic theme. But I was floored from start to finish with MM:FF as everything was in constant motion while delivering a storyline as consistently moving. I love the play of duality being shown in the movie – the arid desert they travel through during the day and the soft bluish moonlit atmosphere at night, the patriarch-ruled Citadel and how women came out of hiding to fight as well. Nothing about the movie was as barren as the desert they traversed in.

Pitch Perfect 2

I had planned to watch PP2 first before MM:FF but it ended up the other way around and because as an afterthought I considered MM:FF to be a real cinematic gem, I had to postpone watching Pitch Perfect 2 for 4 days even though I had been looking forward to watching PP2 for months.

I was a Glee fan and it wasn’t hard to love the sequel to Pitch Perfect. I ROTFL’ed throughout the whole movie as that is what it’s supposed to accomplish.


It’s no secret I love Jason Statham’s movies even though I’ve seen few where he’s ill-fittingly starred in. On the other hand, I like to see actors not being typecasted too much so Spy was refreshing to watch because Statham’s role is toned down from the usual action star types we see him in. It was my first time to see a Melissa McCarthy movie and I first thought it was an interesting combination. Three days after watching the movie I still find myself secretly laughing at funny scenes from the said movie. Very entertaining!


Without reading too much into the movie subject, I knew Tomorrowland would appeal to the never-give-up daydreamer character in me. I watched this in Dolby ATMOS (my first time to watch in this technology) and I could say my money was worth it, although sometimes I get this feeling that the science of Tomorrowland was too much to squeeze in a two-hour movie. It made me miss Disney World, too.

Until next movie-viewing!