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Contrary to my mood few days ago when Moon was in Scorpio (which was also my Moon’s position at birth), I was a bit calmer today and kept in mind that there is only here and now and that is where my head should be at. Few things were immediately obvious when I was just being receptive and not reactive. 

I was aware of the signs, again, that the messengers would usually send me in the form of music I would accidentally hear wherever I go. I would seem to instantly feel the song’s message was for me. Again, the more logical part of me would react to that but since I am talking about being receptive instead of being judgmental here, I have to temper my logical side for a bit. Yes, I am aware of these exchanges for duality’s sake. 

Secondly, I was more attuned to serendipity. I decided to go to Healthy Options this afternoon to check out Selenium supplements. There wasn’t a lot of options for me that would not break my budget for this week, though, so I scrapped the idea. I thought of checking out if they maybe had Brazil nuts (great source of Selenium) or almonds. I did find almonds first and I was okay with buying a small pack of it but something in me kept holding back as my hands felt like I had to return it to its rack. I was going back and forth with this for a bit and I decided to  check out the bottom part of the nuts and protein bars section and, voila, to my surprise a pack of Brazil nuts was staring back at me. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Why? Because I had been looking for a seller of Brazil nuts online and I did get in contact with one local seller few months ago who informed me that they didn’t have it available at the time I inquired. 

I was even happier to see the price was similar to the online seller I first asked about it with and I need not pay for shipping fees. I went in there looking for Selenium but I got an even better deal because it’s the source of Selenium itself. An amazing find indeed! 


Hong Kong All Over Again

I cried myself to sleep last night and with a heavy heart. I was getting emotional, sensitive  and paranoid. It made sense why I got the Nine of Swords yesterday as the tarot card of the day, the drama queen card. 

I kept asking the heavens, “Why did you choose me?” I’ve been asking that question for 22 years. I broke down for the nth time because the way forward is not so clear despite the reassuring signs I am getting. It was like Hong Kong all over again where I was feeling that listening to my heart was imperative – everywhere I went I was bombarded with endless reminders even when nothing in the physical world proved it. 

It’s been too long that I wonder what the hell is this crazy master plan to hold on and never give up. (Yes, obviously I am entertaining my darker doubts again.) I am no Mary nor Elizabeth who would not dare question the angel apparitions, much less the messages the angels imparted. 

I have looked everywhere for answers but, ultimately, I feel only the Masters can satisfy my queries. If they have already given me answers, I must have missed them because I feared I was losing my mind. Most of all, I am guarding myself from fabricating unneccesary illusions. 

So hating this last stretch of 2016. 2017 may be one year more of lonely years in the desert. 

This has been an intense week for me so far. I was faced again with the painful truth that I have been shielding myself from for a long time –  that I could escape what I’ve always known (as opposed to ‘believed’) and look elsewhere for other answers. This whole uncovering process now suddenly feels like I’ve been the one turning the knife inside of me all these years. 
It was pretty innocuous and benign at first. I thought observing my depression via memory recall and letting it pass through my consciousness was enough. I hadn’t even scratched the surface. For a few days I felt relief as I was working through my past self-denial. The tears came later as the truth became clearer – I cannot and should not ignore what my heart has known all along. 
While deleting some unimportant emails tonight, I came across this weekly angel reading for me for next week – Oct 24-Oct 30 from AngelVisionary.com.  

The most important part of this is about trusting in the signs that you receive from the angels and also trusting in yourself and your own inner knowledge. Raziel can help you to understand the symbols and spiritual truths that may be coming to you during meditation or whilst sleeping. Ask him for his assistance and he will enable you to bring the information into your awareness so you can better understand it.

Raziel is wonderful if you wish to understand ideas that defy normal logic. Listen to some calming music and ask for Archangel Raziel to be by your side. If there is anything in your life right now that you would like more clarity about, or that you may be confused about right now, ask for him to bring you through understanding about this. He can help to expand your everyday thinking, so that you can see situations from a fresh perspective. This is best done at night time, before sleeping as Raziel often communicates in the dream state and he can help you to learn knowledge and information during this time.


Normal logic and the esoteric nature of the message is exactly the originator of my compounding doubts. I don’t currently see any sign that what my heart has known for a long time is happening. Nada. Well, if anything, the circumstances show the opposite. This is where patience and faith play a mighty role in because trusting what you don’t see makes you go cuckoo. 


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